Hair Re-Growth System
Hair Re-Growth System


With both Erbium Fiber & RF Co2 Laser technologies, it dramatically improves vaginal health conditions like:
1. Atrophic vaginitis.
2. Dyspareunia.
3. Vaginal irritation.
4. Vaginal tightening.

Also, it improves Urinary Stress Incontinence. Moreover, Aleena can be used for skin fractional and surgical procedures as well as skin lightening.

Vaginal Rejuvination

Aleena is a minimally invasive procedure for women‘s intimate area
1. Limited downtime with long lasting results.
2. Safe & fast sessions (15 min. ).
3. Selective ( selective stimulation of sub mucosal collagen with NO harm to the surrounding tissue ).
4. Unique ( combination of TWO LASER technologies ).
5. Highly effective ( symptoms relieved after first treatment).
Aleena guarantees the restoration of a satisfactory, fulfilling and healthy sexual life.


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